Tuesday, March 3

Hw #5 Five new Key Terms:

  1. Ruby “A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write” , by http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/

  2. Bittorrent “is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data. BitTorrent” is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files, and by some estimates it accounts for about 35% of all traffic on the entire Internet.”, by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_(protocol)

  3. ActionScript “is a scripting language based on ECMAScript. ActionScript is used primarily for the development of websites and software using the Adobe Flash Player platform”, by http://www.answers.com/topic/actionscript

  4. POP Post Office Protocol ” is an application-layer Internet standard protocol used by local e-mail clients to get e-mail from a remote server over a TCP/IP connection “ , by http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_Office_Protocol

  5. FTP (File Transfer Protocol).”It's a way for you to move files from one computer to another. It's commonly used for transferring web files you're working with on your local computer up to DreamHost's server so that they're accessible via the Internet.” by http://wiki.dreamhost.com/FTP

Hw #5 Chip Makers watch sales fall sharply

In the article “Chip Makers Watch Sales Fall Sharply” by Ashlee Vance posted at http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/03/technology/03chip.html?_r=1&ref=technology in the New York Times. She states that some companies that make the chips for electronic devices such as cell phone, iPod etc. their sales are declining drastically due to the fact the recession is affecting their product sales. For example,” Consumers have benefited from some of the underlying turmoil”. She explains that Computer companies needed to sale their products to the consumers and in order to do that they needed to lower the prices as a way to attract customers and increase their profits. Even though, they are trying to increase their sales it won’t be as previous years. Therefore, I would recommend to anyone that needs to purchase any electronic devices to do it now because the good deals don’t last forever.